Plants vs Zombies

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 $2.99 - PopCap - Plants vs. Zombies - PopCap Games, Inc. - v1.5

  • Graphics and Sound - 5/5

  • Strategy - 4/5

  • Fun - 5/5

  • Re-playability - 4/5

  • Overall - 5/5

This Tower Defense offering from PopCap, is exactly what it says it is - Plants against Zombies, and it is incredibly addictive. A staggeringly simple interpretation of the 'Tower Defense' game, the zombies lurch and propel themselves down six rows, no winding path, no changing lanes, they just keep coming at you. Don't be fooled into thinking this simplicity equals easy or boring. Its challenging (without being frustrating),entertaining and incredibly addictive! Hand this to an old-hand at 'Tower Defense', or a complete newbie and you won't see you iPhone for hours.

As you go through the 'Adventure' levels, the game introduces a new plant each level, and new zombies to match. Introducing the game-play, and also sucking you into the 'just one more level' addiction. In all, there are forty eight types of plant and twenty-six types of zombie...including a Zombie BobSled Team. Just to keep you interested, and disturbingly addicted, several levels are 'arcade' style. Plants are offered to you on a conveyer belt and you select as you go. Once you've completed 'Adventure' you can then hop in and out of 'Quick-Play' and take on any level you choose, making this a great portable game.

I thought the game could look a little cluttered on the iPhone's small screen (when compared to the iPad or Desktop versions), but the 'Lane' style of gameplay keeps everything tight and in your control. You have the entire screen as your domain, no fiddly scrolling. The graphics are crisp and bright on the Retina display of the iPhone 4, the designs are very fun and highly entertaining, the animation of the 'Disco Zombie' with his back-up dancers is hilarious!

- By: Kelly Wade-Johnson


  • Entertaining & Fun

  • Challenging

  • Highly Addictive

  • Great Music

  • Fantastic design and graphics

  • Highly Addictive (you will waste hours)

  • Have to complete all 'Adventure' levels before you can use 'Quick-Play'

  • Screen a little cluttered

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