2D in Unity

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The power and flexibility of the Unity game engine allows for great looking 3D games in the iOS platform, but how well does it handle 2D games? After spending the past few months developing our iPad game "The Fleet" with Unity we have learned that although there are several inefficiencies, Unity makes for a great 2D game development tool. The main reason we decided to stick with it was to have the flexibility to export our games to other platforms and to be able to use the same tools to develop 3D games in the future.

So here are some of the basics of setting up a project for 2D. First you'll need to setup your camera to Orthographic Projection and pick an Orthographic camera size (ie: how much of your scene your camera sees). The next important step, especially when creating for mobile and iOS platforms is to integrate a sprite management system, as none are included in Unity. The most popular is called SpriteManager and there is a free version (more complicated to use) and a paid PRO version (easier to use and more flexible/powerful). These systems not only help you manage your sprites (2d graphic elements, like characters, scenery, etc) but also reduce the amount of processing the computer has to do to run your game, making the graphics much more efficient.

For great tutorials on how to get started with 2D and SpriteManager, check out these sites:



To get the full PRO version of SpriteManager ($149): http://www.anbsoft.com/middleware/sm2/

Stay tuned to get a first look into "The Fleet" in the coming week!

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