Project ISG: First Look at "The Fleet"

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"The Fleet" is getting close to launch and we are ready to start releasing some concrete information about the game and some exclusive screenshots.

The Fleet - ipad screenshot

This is the main battle screen where the action takes place. Each side can control up to 3 ships (this will expand in future updates) and takes turns to move and attack.

Each ship has a set number of turrets that you can configure with different types of guns to match your strategy. As each turret faces in a different direction you need to maneuver your ship so that the maximum number of turrets faces your target (ie: a broadside attack).

In the initial release of "The Fleet" we plan to include a hotseat multiplayer mode (where you take turns playing the game on the same iPad) and a single player campaign that follows the fictional history of the Destroyer "USS Knight" in the Pacific theater. Future updates will include a single player random battle mode, a single player survival mode, a Japanese campaign and additional missions for the US Campaign. We also plan to add more ship types, including Aircraft Carriers, Submarines, Landing Craft, etc.

"The Fleet" will be available in May 2011, so stay tuned for more updates, detailed previews and an exclusive chance to beta test the game before it is released.

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