European War 2


  $2.99 - EASY Inc. - iPad Version European War 2 for iPad - EASY Inc. - iPhone Version European War 2 - EASY Inc. - v1.2

  • Graphics and Sound - 3/5

  • Strategy - 3/5

  • Fun - 4/5

  • Re-playability - 5/5

  • Overall - 3/5

There are lots of Risk-based games in the App Store, but few excel like European War 2. It expands on the well-known strategy board game by offering more gameplay options like additional military cards, more land areas to fight upon and a campaign mode that places you right in the heart of the most historic battles of World War II.

The simple style of its graphics evokes that classic board game feel and you play on a well-drawn map that shows the entire European theatre of war during that time. You can play the game either in conquest mode or in campaign mode. Conquest mode places you in the commander's seat of any of 12 countries from either the Axis or Allies side, where victory is attained by eliminating the other side's forces. In campaign mode, you play out 16 battles with certain objectives like capturing Poland or eliminating all of the Allied armies. To defeat your opponent, you need to capture its capital, shown on the map as a castle.

You have three types of troops at your disposal: soldiers (which are cheap and numerous), tanks (which have higher attack and has a chance of attacking more than once) and artillery (which attacks from afar and so opponents cannot retaliate). Instead of simply gaining troops, your territories produce cash which you can spend to develop your economy to earn more cash, buy troops or give your armies additional abilities like improved attacks or deploying them at sea.

You can also spend it on a special card if you control one of the five main nations (Germany, Italy, Soviet Union, Britain or France). It's a concept that plays to the strengths of that country such as being able to convert soldiers to tanks for Germany, or deploying airborne troops to unoccupied areas for Britain.

As to the actual gameplay, the AI features 5 levels of difficulty which creates a challenge. One thing it lacked was a "reset" button where you can undo your last movement or replay the battle. More than once, I've made a mistake in troop placement with no way to fix it, often costing me the campaign.

Overall, I'd still recommend you add this to your strategy game collection since it has enough replay value to last you a long while (you can also buy an additional conquest World map if you like). European War 2 is Risk 2.0 and something war game enthusiasts will definitely enjoy.

- By: Glenn Santos


  •  Lots of variety (different countries, campaigns, etc.)

  • Excellent graphics

  • 5 difficulty levels

  • No Undo button

  • Lacks multiplayer of any kind (hotseat, online or over the network)


  1. also its a shame that there is no android version for this game :(

  2. this is the best game for ipod. ive played the european war (and world conqueror 1945 and american revolotion) series since the first weeks they came out. i cant wait for the next game.
    i enjoyed the european war 2 most,because european war 1 (and american revolution) has only one kind of troop (infantry).
    and world qonqueror 1945 was TOO big with way to much countries and the map was not well drawn. it took like 5 min before it was my turn again in WC 1945. i started to attack my allies and capture their capitals only to make the game go faster xD lol.
    european war 1 and american R had both well drawn maps,but the downside was that they had only 1 kind of troop.
    european war 2 was perfect,with not too big map,and the map was well drawn and it has diffrent troops too. i loved the game,i cant think of any down sides of european war 2. they should make games for each of the continents,and not include all the continents in one map.

  3. There is an Android version of this game. I've got it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 which is an Android phone.
    Just look through the available games, it should be there.

  4. This game is breath taking its so simple but yet complected at the same time the only thing I would want to add would be a new unit like a Naval cruiser but that is so small of an issue its barely noticeable.This game and European war 3 are the best turn based strategy games in the app store pereoid.


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