Hunters HD for iPad Updated

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Rodeo recently updated their bestselling Hunters HD game for the iPad. In it were a slew of new environments, contracts and game engine. It also boasts a more refined UI and better touch controls, as well as new end game content and difficulty.

The new version also now has OpenFeint and Game Center integrated, something I'm sure many fans have been wanting for a long time. Now you can show off your score and get some bragging rights outside of the game.

This version 1.1 of the app is sure to entice veteran Hunters back into the game though from what I've seen, the changes were a bit minor. No major gameplay improvements are visible at the onset though the game did run a bit more smoothly.

Nevertheless, it still is quite engossing and will lure you back time and again with the daily refresh of new contracts. One more thing, the update does come with a price drop. The iPhone version is now $1.99 and the iPad, $2.99. If you've been waiting to dive into the world of Hunters HD, this is the time to buy it.

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