New World Colony

$2.99 - 82 Inc. - iPad New World Colony - 82 Inc. - v4.03

  • Graphics and Sound - 2/5

  • Strategy - 5/5

  • Fun - 4/5

  • Re-playability - 5/5

  • Overall - 4/5

In New World Colony, you're given one territory at the start and you expand your domain by conquering nearby lands, both free and unoccupied. Attain victory by eliminating all your opponents or by gathering enough Colony Points.

From the start, you will notice that the interface is quite simple and straightforward, offering you a tutorial on first launch to help you learn the basics. It might not have the fancy troops, story mode and cutscenes of other games but what you get is a very challenging game of conquest that cuts right to the heart of what a strategy game should be.

To begin, you gather your resources by building structures like mines and sawmills or by conquering free lands that are nearby. As you earn, you can begin building towns which give you the Colony Points mentioned earlier. You can use these points aggressively and spend them to take over opposing territories. You can also play defensively, gathering points to win and building fortifications to ward off threats.

One high point is that games are very customizable. Square off against the computer in one of three difficulty modes, or challenge another human to a game, either online through Game Center or via hotseat play. To up the ante, you can expand the game to up to four players, pick larger map sizes and change the number of points to win. There's also an option to tweak the type of game, from non-conquering Pacifist to all out Warlord. And if you want something very challenging, try out real time and see if you can beat the AI at its own game.

The graphics are informative yet simple, and the background music is very apt for the game. The computer opponent is quite challenging and the zooming and rotation animations are quite smooth, which definitely tells us that the developers really put in a lot of thought into it. A few visual flourishes wouldn't hurt though like animated tiles and buildings.

Overall, this is a superb game that is sure to challenge empire builders out there. Too bad it's only for the iPad though.


  • Challenging AI

  • Lots of game options

  • User-friendly buttons
    and commands

  • Game Center integration


  • iPad only

  • Few online players
    to fight against


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