Top 10 iOS Strategy Games


The iPad is truly a strategy gamer's dream. The large touchscreen, long battery life and capable processor (not to mention internet connectivity) have all made it the ideal mobile command center for tacticians far and wide. I'll cut to the chase: here are 10 of the best strategy games for the iPad.


Catan HD

Hardcore boardgamers rejoiced when the classic Settlers of Catan was ported into the iPad. In a nutshell, Catan is about building your settlement up on the isle of Catan. Trading, building and fortifying will help you reach your goal and you can play both against humans and the AI.

Battle for Wesnoth HD

If you're after something that merges both strategy and RPG, look no further. Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based hex game set in the land of Wesnoth where you command fantastical units like fire-breathing dragonfolk, griffin-mounted dwarves and elite elven archers. If you're a fan of the desktop version, then this is definitely something you should add to your homescreen.


Starfront: Collision HD

We've reviewed this game a while back and it is by far the best RTS implementation on the iPad. If it looks familiar, it is. Most of its elements were inspired by Starcraft from the three races you can choose to kinds of units you can create. Grab this before Blizzard sends its inevitable cease and desist.


Great Little War Game HD

With its quirky units and funny dialogue, Great Litttle War Game (or GLWG for short) has risen to be one of the more humorous but still challenging strategy games for the iPad. This game is turn-based and puts you at the head of an army of commandoes, tanks, aircraft and even battleships. Don't let the cute characters fool you, this is no kid's game that's for sure.


Fieldrunners for iPad

What top ten list would be complete without Fieldrunners? Redefining the tower defense genre, you can create your own tower mazes on the field to stop incoming enemies from ransacking your base. Aside from our review, do check out our strategy guides since as most of you know well, this game is no walk in the park to master.


Civilization Revolution for iPad 

Better keep those chargers on hand if you want to play this port of Sid Meier's Civ on the iPad. It might not be the micromanaging powerhouse you grew up with but you still get to build, trade and even launch a space program if you like. It's AI only but even then it can get pretty challenging. If you're up to the task of leading an empire, download Civ and you won't be disappointed.

Land Air Sea Warfare HD 

There's a lot of complex gameplay and customizability in LASW which I'm sure many players will enjoy. It's your usual military RTS, offering a lot of units and upgrades and options that makes every game a new challenge. It looks daunting for a beginning general but it will grow on you for sure.


Battle Fleet

Simply put, Battle Fleet is Battleship on steroids. Obliterate the enemy navy with frigates, destroyers and cruisers. Use your torpedoes to sink them or your massive turrets to plug holes into their hulls. You can even call on air strikes and deploy naval mines. If turn-based naval action rocks your boat (so to speak) then Battle Fleet should be on your deck right now.


Tower Defense: Lost Earth HD

Like most tower defense games, you set up defensive units around the map to prevent enemies from reaching your base. Unlike others though, this has a story mode where you are tasked to expand the reaches of the human race by mining other planets.


Galcon Fusion

For the purists, Galcon Fusion brings strategy to its core and does away with fancy graphics while upping the challenge factor by several notches. Described by many as "real-time Risk," you control a fleet of planets and your goal is to conquer your enemies. Set the difficulty to grand admiral and let's see what you are made of.



  1. Ascension the Chronicle of the Godslayer. A must on this list - it's totally awesome!

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