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$0.99 - Piotr Sarnowski - iPhone iAdmiral - Piotr Sarnowski - v1.3

  • Graphics and Sound - 2/5

  • Strategy - 3/5

  • Fun - 1/5

  • Re-playability - 1/5

  • Overall - 2/5

iAdmiral places you as the admiral of a fleet of ships, ranging from the powerful ship of the line to nimble pinnaces. Your goal is to defend cargo ships, destroy enemy fortifications and sink your enemy's ships. The gameplay is turn-based and you can play against the AI or another person.

While I admire the style that was put into game, I have to say that this game is quite cumbersome to play. The script that is used for the menus, although really evoking that 17th century naval feel, is quite hard to read even on an iPhone's retina display.

There's a set of video instructions and even an Admiralopedia to get you up and running with the basics of the game but it would have been nice to add more intuitive stats and options. Again, I think it all falls under the stylistic preference for the game with the icons used and others, or maybe because I've played too few naval simulations myself.

It also takes far too many taps to perform an action like boarding ships or firing cannons at the right angle. Even ending the turn takes at least two taps, and that option is even hidden under a menu icon. Maximizing the multitouch functions of iDevices (like drag and drop or rotate) for steering and moving would have made gameplay much better.

One redeeming quality of the game seems to be its attention to detail. From taking into account wind directions and speed during movement to having several methods of damaging ships like killing soldiers and destroying sails, it really lets you feel how an admiral commanded his fleet during the day. There's even a realistic mode that makes the physics much more real (and makes games more challenging)

Despite that, it would have been nice if the tutorial was built into the first scenario, so you learn while playing the game. And more user-friendly commands, similar to other games, would be nice. It's difficult enough commanding a ship let alone trying to do so with a manual in hand. Still, if you're into naval battles, you might still get some enjoyment with this game.


  • Graphics and sounds really give
    it a 17th century feel

  • Realistic mode


  • Too many taps just to do one thing

  • Unintuitive menus

  • Needs an ingame tutorial scenario

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  1. Maybe you need some finger exercises, since your cheif complaint focuses on too many taps. I downloaded and played the game last night, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The game captures the essence of table top naval war-game right from the get go. Only I don't need to fool with chits and dice and such. Don't get me wrong: I would rather get my friends around a table and play a table top game with small model boats, but with small children about that is not possible. This game is a suitable alternative.


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