9 Colonies

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$1.99 - Kevin McCullough - iPhone 9 Colonies - XOR Gaming LLC - v1.06 - Trailer

  • Graphics and Sound - 3/5

  • Strategy - 3/5

  • Fun - 2/5

  • Re-playability - 2/5

  • Overall - 2/5

9 Colonies is a strategy game that allows you to choose one of the nine colonies in the solar system and control it. While humanity has become successful in colonizing the solar system for scientific exploration, competition is brought up yet again when old rivalries and remnants of earth-based feuds come back. It is your task to unite the nine colonies and restore peace.

You will take over and control your colonies into researching new technologies for infrastructural improvements and building war fleets to successfully conquer new colonies.

The Gameplay

You will control one of the nine colonies and your task is to conquer the remaining colonies with inter-planetary strategic invasions. This can be achieved by making sure that your colony will do enough research for an improved war fleet and building and upgrading infrastructures. This can be done by tapping on a specific area which you want to be prioritized over others.

As the level goes higher, your fleets are upgraded and bonuses will be applied on the planets you have conquered. You can also take hold of new blueprints for constructing new and better buildings.


Is it worth your money?

Although the gameplay can sound exciting, the actual execution can be quite boring. Instead of seeing high definition and bloody graphics during gameplay, all you see is a screen filled with numbers and a basic pixelated animation of ships crawling towards each other during combat.

You may also find it hard to decode the gameplay since the information provided on what happened to your fleet is hard to understand.


9 Colonies simply is a game of hitting the 'next turn' option over and over again during the entire gameplay, until you reach your goal of conquering all the colonies of the solar system. The excitement is also taken away since there is no offered risk-reward for the game and anyone who can successfully conquer a planet in the early parts of the game can easily win due to increased research.

Although 9 Colonies can gain two thumbs up on its solid framework and backstory, the gameplay isn't worthy enough for it to be a paid app.


  • Good backstory

  • Detailed charts


  • Interface is difficult to understand

  • Bland graphics

  • Too easy to beat

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