Battle Planes

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$0.99 - Pixiusoft Corporation - iPhone and iPad  - v1.0

  • Graphics and Sound - 5/5

  • Strategy - 4/5

  • Fun - 5/5

  • Re-playability - 5/5

  • Overall - 5/5

UPDATE: The Battle Planes Version 2.1 now has increased game speed, plus a Quick Game option that allows you to choose your last faction used. Unlike the previous version, the fixed in-game option music does not turn off automatically, and the bugs on the tutorial mode are finally fixed.

Battle Planes is essentially Battleships, but with planes. It starts with a back story and basically involves two factions rising from the Third War and fighting for supremacy by taking out each other's battle planes.

You can choose from 10 commanders, each commanding a different plane. Strategy comes in because you’re the one who gets to designate the planes’ locations on the grid. And because each commander has a distinct personality, each plane possesses a different design as well. This means that they all have different sizes and shapes, making the strategy for each game different each time.

Your opponent, who simply sees the grid without your planes, would attempt to destroy your plane by choosing an area on your grid to bomb. You can have a time limit for the game, although the choices between the free versions and the paid versions are a bit different. But, regardless of the time limit, the fact that you take turns attacking adds to the excitement since the first one to destroy all of his opponent’s planes wins.

Each type of plane would require a different strategy especially since hitting the weakest point, which is the front of the plane, would automatically destroy it entirely. This means that you get more chances hunting down other planes and are closer to achieving victory. If you don't get to hit the weakest point of the plane, you’d have to use 2 or 3 of your turns to destroy it totally. That’s not bad, though. As long as you’re destroying planes, you will still feel the satisfaction of knowing that you’d probably win. And yeah, the look on the face of your opponent's avatar is priceless as well.

What makes Battle Planes more thrilling is the fact that there can be some element of luck in it especially for those who do not want to overthink the strategy of a game like this. While it is latched on a pencil and paper game as well as the actual gameboard, Battle Planes pretty much levels up to the traditional thrilling and strategic games between 2 players.

Aside from the 1-player and 2-player options, you also get to choose the board game size. The game even includes the Battleship mode for those who prefer the more traditional game. While multiplayer can be done through Game Center Matchmaking and Bluetooth, you can still enjoy the game with a friend by choosing the local mode. Indeed, Battle Planes is best enjoyed with a game buddy.

One thing the developer might have forgotten, however, was the handy QUIT or RESET option. It’s doable, though, you’d just have to force quit the game and access it from the recently used apps. Personally, I'd still prefer Battleships. However, if this is to be taken as an individual app, I'd still think it's great. It delivers what a good game is supposed to. As long as it makes players excited and wanting more, it works for me.


  • Worthy Battleship Alternative (especially since it has its own Battleship Mode)

  • Mechanics are simple

  • Multiple opportunities for multiplayer mode

  • Lively Graphics and great variety of planes to choose


  • Dragging storyline

  • Lack of options while playing: can't quit or reset the game

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