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$4.99 - Fabrice Noui - iPhone Empires - Fabrice Noui - v1.1

  • Graphics and Sound - 3/5

  • Strategy - 5/5

  • Fun - 5/5

  • Re-playability - 3/5

  • Overall - 4/5

Empires is a strategic game of conquest, where players plan for war. For us armchair generals, this lets you experience conquering the world with five powers, and you can even do it together with your friends through the internet.

Beginners can familiarize themselves with Empires with its five levels of AI, allowing them to showcase their talent in planning and executing strategic gameplay. Conquer all the regions of the game's large-scale map, by dealing with power struggles between the 130 countries hosting several kinds of terrain. By learning your opponent's weaknesses during battles, you can use that against them as you try and conquer their nation.

The game offers different options that allow you to test your tactics. The gold that you obtain for every conquest that you complete can in turn be used for purchasing ships and armies. At the same time, you can also use your resources to spy on the territories of your enemies, corrupt their region, and even fortify their lands. If you have extra gold, you can donate it to other countries and encourage them to defend themselves against other players.

One of the many reasons why Empires is worth the money is that there's no more need to wait after each battle, despite the game's large scale map. You can instantly update your game's configuration after each level, and you get detailed battle reports after each game's progress. You also have the option of playing with your friends using a LAN connection, creating alliances with them to defeat powerful enemies during difficult levels.

All in all, Empires might be something that will perk your interest as an  that is worth every cent you shell out for downloading it to your Apple device. The graphics are beyond the average, and the gameplay will surely awaken your instinct of formulating strategic tactics.


  • Challenging AI

  • Online play with other players

  • Detailed battle reports


  • Quite expensive

  • Sparse graphics

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