Chronicles of Merlin

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Chronicles of Merlin

  • Graphics and Sound - 3/5

  • Strategy - 5/5

  • Fun - 4/5

  • Re-playability - 2/5

  • Overall - 4/5

Fans of Chronicles of Merlin, an RPG browser game, will be happy to know that the game is now available on iOS. That means you can now bring your game with you, anywhere they go. In the span of three months, over 500,000 players have become addicted to this strategic RPG and since it is now available to iOS devices, the number of fans will certainly increase in no time.

The game revolves around Merlin's magical rifts which has caused chaos in our history's timeline, and it is your responsibility to assemble chivalrous warriors to fight for your cause. The game combines traditional sims and action RPG, as you travel to the desert, Mongolia, and even Robin Hood's forests. As the game progresses, you need to implement strategies to build and sustain army, before going to battle. In the Chronicles of Merlin, you will be the hero helping Merlin as you venture out into history and meeting the world's iconic heroes.

This is a strategic game where you have to prove that you have the fighting skills as well as the attitude needed to be a great leader. The real secret in winning this game is not to win battles but rather, sustaining your city before and during battle. After each level, enemies will go grow stronger thus, making it important for you to train your warriors so that they will be strong enough to obtain victory. Collect money for weapon and armor upgrades, for higher chances of winning.

There is no doubt that the Chronicles of Merlin is an addicting game. If you want a game that will challenge your ability to plan ahead, then the Chronicles of Merlin is worth it. Since it is free to download, it's easy to get started so why not try it out?


  • Interact and chat with other players worldwide.

  • A tutorial to teach you the basics of the game.

  • Lots of quests need to be completed plus boss battles.


  • No sound effects

  • Takes time to level up and make your army stronger


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