Fortress Under Siege

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 Free - Easy Tech - iPhone Fortress Under Siege - EASY Inc. and iPad Fortress Under Siege for iPad - EASY Inc. - V.1.2

  • Graphics and Sound - 4/5

  • Strategy - 5/5

  • Fun - 5/5

  • Re-playability - 4/5

  • Overall - 4/5

Your kingdom is under siege and it's up to you to build an army and to protect your fortress. When the enemy launches an attack, you need to make sure that your army is ready to counter the attacks and get on the offensive. This can be done by building your own barrier against your enemies and at the same time, implement your strategic skills to kill dozens of enemies in one strike. The app can be downloaded in iTunes Store for free and the game time it offers makes it all worth the wait.

Kill your enemies

The game offers a fortress construction mode which allows you to customize a unique fortress of your own, which will be something that you can be proud of especially after it can successfully hold back thousands of enemies. Walls and fortresses can be built according to your preference, set up gatehouses, barriers, pits and towers, and even paint pitch on the battle ground to launch fire attacks on your powerful enemies. If you want to boost your army's skills, construct buildings, magic towers, and even round towers, which could help increase your kingdom's defensive lines.

There are at least 22 types of military units in the game, and the way it challenges your skills will impress you and encourage you to do your best in planning attacks and defenses. Depending on how you apply your chosen strategy, you can successfully upgrade your army's level, building function, and increase your defenses and fortress against powerful bosses.


The story mode consists of ten campaigns, each having 50 levels while the Glory Mode on the other hand, will test your abilities to build a fortress that can hold off enemies for 20 days. There are 22 different types of units to choose from, and your strategic skills will determine whether or not you can defeat the strong bosses in each level. There are a total of 47 maps to choose from, and you can upgrade your units and buildings as long as you have the gold.

The newest version 1.2 allows you to upgrade your hero to horseman so that his attack power and speed is increased. Maintenance skill can also be upgraded to lower the maintenance cost that you have to spend for every building you have. The basic funds are also increased so that starting the game will be easier.

The verdict

Although the app can be downloaded for free in iTunes, the features that it offers makes it as good as a paid app. We highly recommend you grab this app. Enjoy your game time as you plan your next attack and strategy!


  • Lots of levels to defeat

  • Thematic audio makes you feel like you're playing in the medieval age

  • Challenges your strategic planning skills


  • Upgrading your army and buildings takes some time

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