Battle Nations – An Online Freemium Strategy Game Done Right

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Free - Battle Nations - Z2Live, Inc - v1.1 - Trailer

  • Graphics and Sound – 3.5/5

  • Strategy - 4/5

  • Fun – 4.5/5

  • Re-playability - 4/5

  • Overall- 4/5

by: Jan Miguel Maranan

Battle Nations by Z2Live offers a package that combines turn-based, real time strategy, social networking, online multiplayer, and Farmville elements into a working title. If you have ever played other freemium titles that are based on farming, expanding your territory, and waiting for things to grow or things to be built in a jiffy to a few hours, then you will feel right at home with the interface of Battle Nations. What makes Battle Nations unique to other freemium titles is the battle system reminiscent of Advance Wars or Final Fantasy Tactics – Place units in a field of squares (think of chess) then pit them against AI or live opponents. Each unit has its own range, strengths, and weaknesses. The player will then have to defend his/her territory, complete missions, fight against AI or a random player versus player opponent. Victory is really based more on strategy than having just strong units that were bought through in-game purchases.

The game has a good, although lengthy, tutorial system which is both informative and entertaining. Creating units and making buildings requires harvesting resources such as stone, wood, and iron – similar to other real-time strategy games, except in this game, a lot of patience (or “nanopods”) are required to have them built. Players do not feel cheated when using the “nanopod” currency, (which could be bought using real money) because “nanopods” can easily be obtained through leveling up and completing missions. Although they can be bought to give players a slight advantage in generating gold, time, and engaging against opponents, it does not seem necessary as strategy is the key for the win (FTW!).

Battle Nations utilizes its social functions quite well, as having friends could be both fun, annoying, and rewarding; friends can attack you and steal your stuff or help you defend your post from enemies. It just depends on what type of friends you have...or what type of friend you are. The graphics and animation of the game is well done, with it being almost the same as Z2Live’s other title Trade Nations. The game’s background sound, like most freemium titles is very repetitive and could give you a “last song syndrome”, or it could just get you annoyed.

Overall, the game is fun and can be addicting. Give the game a run especially if you are an empire-building RPG war game fan.


  • A fun and challenging strategy game

  • Funny animations

  • Easy to learn

  • Easy to find random opponents for PvP

  • Free!


  • Can only be played online

  • Healing units requires time and resources

  • Background sound is repetitive and can get annoying


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