Battle Fleet Updated with Aircraft Carriers

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The ultimate iPad naval strategy game "Battle Fleet" has been updated with awesome new features this week, including Aircraft Carriers and a Japanese Campaign. The new Carriers allow you to launch an airstrike every turn or set them to defend the airspace around your carrier. This can be a very powerful weapon, but can also be countered by the new AA gun that will automatically defend your ships against airstrikes.

There are 4 Japanese missions in the brand new Japanese campaign, and Japanese voices to bring you further into the story. These new missions not only bring new battles but also new mission gameplay styles as you'll be sent to scout an area or defend an island using it's coastal artillery.

Other features include:

- New US campaign mission
- Battleships and Aircraft Carriers now available for multiplayer and single battles
- Balance of various turrets adjusted
- More explosions! Spread and Standard turrets now fire more shells
- More advanced AI
- Control the direction of bomber airstrikes (to cause maximum damage!)
- Animated loading indicator showing that the battle is loading
- Auto screen-rotation, the game rotates to match the way you are holding your device
- Less memory usage and many other tweaks...

Check out the game in the App store or find out more on the Battle Fleet website.

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