Spaceward Ho!

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$4.99-Spaceward Ho! - Ariton-v.1.01-Trailer

  • Graphics and Sound – 2/5

  • Strategy - 4/5

  • Fun - 2.5/5

  • Re-playability - 3/5

  • Overall - 3/5

by: Phoebe Jennelyn Magdirila

The classic 90s strategy game Spaceward Ho!, originally developed by Delta Tao, is back for the iPad. Starting off with a single abundant planet, the main goal is to colonize the most planets in the galaxy by building exploratory, fighter or colony ships. While doing this you have the duty of terraforming each of your owned planets and also beating the bad guys. This game play is considered as one of the first 4X games - eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate – of its generation. If you are into space conquest games or if you have been a long-time fan of this planet-hopping adventure in your old Palm and Mac devices, you’ll surely appreciate it better, right on your touch-enabled iPad.


With the tons of planets laid out in the galaxy, the trick of the game is finding the planets that are equally abundant as yours: generous with metal, and with a similar temperature. This will tell you if one is profitable, if it can grow a huge population and it has enough metal to build ships. Each turn will be considered a decade or so. Passing years will show you how much a planet has earned from its resources. And from these earnings, it will lead you to your next strategy: either sending a scout ship to an unexplored planet or another colony ship to a potential explored planet. This cycle goes on until you have successfully colonized all or most of the planets in the galaxy. In the middle of the game, twists arise as your enemies will likewise try to colonize your planet which you have to protect through satellites and other ships.


The idea of the game is pretty interesting, although playing it yourself can be a different thing. For a paid app, despite its support for retina display, the graphics and the navigation are dull and outdated for the younger generation to appreciate. You have a myriad of planets on a black background which you explore by creating a colored straight line. Instead of, say, seeing the ships move from planet to planet, you move ships by merely placing arrows.

Nevertheless, Spaceward Ho! has its promise. It has an interesting framework that can make players be addicted to it if given a more attractive graphic display and sounds. But, yet again if you are a fan of old-school strategy games or you’d like to reminisce your childhood days with the game, this may be a good buy.


  • Interesting gameplay

  • A certified strategic game

  • Game's framework makes it addicting


  • Dull graphics

  • No animation

  • VS computer only

  • No customization options for characters or planets


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