Legion of the Damned

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$4.99 - Legion of the Damned - Offworld Games - v.1.15 - Offworld Games

Legion of the Damned

  • Graphics and Sound – 3/5

  • Strategy - 4.5/5

  • Fun - 4/5

  • Re-playability - 4/5

  • Overall - 4.5/5

by: Jan Maranan

Aliens, Humans, Cyborgs, and a Lot of Boom

Legion of the Damned, an iOS game, is based on the Sci-fi world of William C. Dietz’s novel “Legion of the Damned” that tells the story of a war-driven future where the fate of humanity lies in the hands of the cybernetic “Legion of the Damned”.

Legion of the Damned is a turn-based strategy game with many features that other games of the “Hex” genre have missed out on: semi-motion-comic cut scenes with pretty good audio and dialogues, online multiplayer, map creator, and a link to community forums. The objective of Legion of the Damned is to capture flags and protect them from your opponent(s) while tactically manipulating units within eight turns.

Info: For all the newbies on the term “Hex Games”, these are strategy games played on hexagonal grids. Some of you may wonder, “Why are these digitized strategy games not played on a circular or square grid?” Well the answer to that, my friends, is that it gives players the nostalgia appeal of playing on a traditional Hex board game - which was invented for strategic gameplay.

Back to the game.

Like in most strategy games, players should ideally start off with the tutorial before rushing to campaign or skirmish modes.  The tutorial system in the app is quite comprehensive and is also an easy read, (this is only a suggestion…) One funny thing to try while on the tutorial is to deliberately disobey your boot camp instructor. He will be saying things like, “Did Mommy and Daddy not show you enough attention as a child?? Listen carefully!” and “What’s your malfunction?” he has other pretty nasty things to say, but that is for players to find out.

Campaign and Skirmish modes have pretty much the same objectives, but in the Campaign mode, players will have the addition of cut-scenes and the feeling of progression. The Online mode gameplay is good, but is still a far cry from being great. A single online match could go on for hours or even days, depending on the response times of your opponents – It is turn-based, not time-based. Most of the day, online rooms would be empty, and the discussions in the forums are as close to nil.

Legion of the Damned

The game has a slick interface with good resolution. The graphics are decent, with animated units and 2D backgrounds. If you want to experience a deeper feel of the world of Legion of the Damned, the app has a “Books” link that will allow you to browse or buy e-books based on Legion of the Damned that can be downloaded straight to your iDevice.

So sit back, prepare your gaming fingers, and dive into the cyber-space world of the Legion of the Damned. A concrete tactical experience on the palm of your hands!


  • A complete turn-based hex strategy game

  • Cut scenes with cool dialogues

  • An “off-book” experience for the fans of the series


  • Empty forums

  • Online rooms are vacant most of the time

  • Online games can last for hours or days

Legion of the Damned - Offworld Games

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