Ravens Hills

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$1.99 - Ravens Hills - MysticLine - v.1.2 - Developer Website

  • Graphics and Sound – 4/5

  • Strategy - 3.5/5

  • Fun - 3.5/5

  • Re-playability - 3.5/5

  • Overall - 3.5/5

The Difference between Crows and Ravens: Ravens Soar More Often

by: Jan Maranan

A once united and mighty nation embodied by the lands of grass, snow, and rocks crumble like a fallen cookie when bad blood stirs between the three lands. This division leaves the lands weakened. Seizing the opportunity, the Ravens rush in to conquer. Just like in a President Ronald Reagan quote, “…differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world” - the lands have no choice but to reunite to thwart the Ravens invasion.

Ravens Hills by MysticLine is a 3D tower defense game that has a unique concept of integrating three types of terrain on a single map for three specific towers. It is a simple tower defense game that has the gold system, tower upgrades, mana, and spells. Your goal is to protect your castle ruins from the invading Ravens. The game has good graphics and gameplay; however, hardcore gamers may get the feeling of a missing element, more specifically, variety and depth. The sounds in-game could strap you in for war mode, however repetitiveness can be irritating.

Ravens Hills can turn out to be a “turn-off” to gamers of the genre because of the lack of depth in terms of the variety in units, a comprehensive tutorial, and story. For example: most (or maybe all) of the enemies turn out to be just moving door smashers or wooden catapults which would make the game lack life. If there were living enemy units that shows some splatter or agony before/upon death, then players could feel rewarded by each kill.

Despite the missing features, the game shows potential. A little bit of tweaking and the addition of units, storyline, and achievements in future updates would definitely make a great game.


  • You got to love the warning when ravens run in: “RaAyYyvVeEnS!!!”

  • Good 3D graphics

  • Gameplay is easy to grasp; a traditional tower-defense with terrain concept


  • Lacks units, rewards, interactive tutorial, and presentation

  • Needs to improve on appeal or “draw factor”

  • Background soundtrack is good for one-time listening, but repetition to one soundtrack can be annoying

Ravens Hills - MysticLine

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