Tank Battle:1944

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Tank Battle 1944

  • Graphics and Sound – 5/5

  • Strategy - 4/5

  • Fun - 4/5

  • Re-playability - 4/5

  • Overall - 4/5

by: Phoebe Jennelyn Magdirila

Tank Battle: 1944, a turn-based strategy war game by Hunted Cow Studios takes you back into the years of Allied invasion in the mission to liberate Europe. Your ultimate objective is to defeat enemies. But more specifically, each of the 12 American campaign missions have goals to meet; it can go from occupying the enemy’s control points to destroying the enemy’s units. You have infantry, tanks, trucks and air force; these you will strategically position into the hex-shaped tiles in the battlefield.

The game play revolves around a shoot-or-move strategy for each turn. Missions and hints appear before each stage level giving you an idea of the best approach to win the stages.

Its twists and limitations make it more stimulating. As you go on to higher levels, the landscape starts to contain more challenges like mine fields that can lessen strength points, or enemies staying in entrenchments or buildings. There are also control points to conquer that provide back-up reinforcements some of which are key to winning the game.

There are 3 levels of difficulty for the campaign mode as well as a multiplayer mode. In-app purchase for a German Campaign is also available, if you couldn't get enough and want more from the game (which is fairly possible). The app is universal and can be played in either the iPhone or the iPad, but can definitely be best enjoyed with the iPad.

Amazingly, the game won’t leave you bored. You can play the same campaign over and over and yet still challenge yourself. This app will surely be worth every penny.


  • Addictive strategy war game

  • Impressive user interface and graphics

  • Easy to learn and navigate


  • May crash in certain iOS devices

  • Players may tend to find the missions limited (12) for a paid app

Tank Battle: 1944 - Hunted Cow Studios Ltd.


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