Fieldrunners 2

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$2.99 - Fieldrunners 2 - Subatomic Studios, LLC - v.1.0 - Developer Website

  • Graphics and Sound – 5/5

  • Strategy - 4.5/5

  • Fun - 5/5

  • Re-playability - 5/5

  • Overall - 5

by: Jan Maranan

Times are changing; change is good, but such changes such as the in-app purchasing trend in gaming have got to slow. Many strategy games are jumping into the IAP route nowadays which is a bit disappointing especially if you are a game purist. One of the heroes of the era of in-app trends cometh – Fieldrunners 2. Unlike the original Fieldrunners, the IAPs are gone, but the fun continues! Fieldrunners 2 is not another cheap punch to be App Store tops, as it really lives up to the notion of getting more from a sequel.

If you are not familiar with the classic “Fieldrunners”, then you have probably missed out a lot in strategy gaming on the iOS. This new and improved addicting blend of ice cream will give you a sweet and creamy experience of novel gameplay with cool visuals. Without further ado, let us jump right into the fields of runners.

Fieldrunners 2 is tower defense game by Subatomic Studios that lets gamers manipulate the path of the enemy runners/vehicles (except for most planes) in a design that can gun down waves of incoming enemies whilst preventing them from taking a step into the end of the map. There are also unit upgrades, powers ups, achievements, etc. The nature of gameplay may be all too familiar in TD games, but the level of polish and thought put into Fieldrunners 2 is close to TD perfection.

What you may notice right off the bat is the colorful interface and smooth in-game graphics. Towers can be unlocked by stars and coins upon completing a level. Try tapping the coin/star icon, and surprise, surprise…no IAP option. Satisfaction achieved from hard work can never be bought. There are several game modes on different levels such as puzzles and timed play, adding extra spice to the game.

To wrap it up Fieldrunners 2 is fun, smart, addicting, and entertaining - truly a tower among tower defense games.


  • A complete TD game

  • Fun, smart, and addictive

  • No IAPs


  • Non-universal (currently supports iPhone/iPod Touch only)

Fieldrunners 2 - Subatomic Studios, LLC

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