Battle Fleet updated with Online Multiplayer

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The WW2 Naval Strategy game for Mac and iPad has just been updated to v1.3 with awesome new features including Online Multiplayer, larger fleets, better airstrikes and much more. Currently the game is on sale so get it before the price goes up later this week.

If you have an iPad 2 or the new iPad (3rd Gen) then you will also see a huge improvement in the water graphics, the old tiled background has been replaced with a dynamic water simulation. Other improvements include much faster battle load times for the original iPad, a battle summary screen that shows you the result of a multiplayer battle and a new aiming mode called "Angle Assist" that makes setting your angle easier but your distance harder.

Online multiplayer is connected through Apple's Game Center and is currently only on the iPad version of the game, eventually it will be linked to the Mac version. There are 2 multiplayer game modes, "Standard" that gives each player 800 points to build their fleet with a 3 minute turn limit, and a fast "Blitz" mode that gives each player a 1 minute turn limit and 500 points.

Multiplayer is huge, playing against real people if you are just used to the AI is much more of a challenge and less predictable.

Grab the game at: or find out more about it at the Battle Fleet website:


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