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Love WW2 naval history? Check out our new blog that details WW2 naval battles with great maps, historical photographs and a detailed account of battles that don't typically make it into the movies. The blog starts in the Pacific but will also cover battles throughout World War 2. Here is a short excerpt:
As the final act of the Battle of the Java Sea played out late at night of 27th February 1942 only two warships of the ABDA force remained on the battlefield. These were the American heavy cruiser USS Houston and the Australian light cruiser HMAS Perth while the rest of the fleet either already withdrew due to damage or low ammunition or was lying at the bottom of the sea.

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  1. hey you guys,
    i just got the game and i love it very much.
    its a lot of fun. i also like the realism
    please add more ships, weapons, strategic cards and also landbattles/islands to conquer.
    maybe different planes would be nice: dive bombers, topedo bombers, flying fortress and fighter planes.
    also submarines woul be great.
    just put more tactical depth into it ;
    maybe a bit more animations.
    mayby some perks like stronger armour, more range(but less accuration), more movemen-range, just a few thoughts of mine ;

  2. Thanks for the comment, glad to hear you like the game. We'll be working on updates and adding new features, including a submarine, but don't tell anyone ;)


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