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The new iPad Mini is now available from Apple and it sure is a sweet device for gaming. The size actually feels perfect for iOS games, it's maybe just a bit smallish for serious strategy games with lots of controls and unit management, but for games like Battle Fleet, Lux, Fieldrunners, it's actually a fantastic device. The weight really makes a difference as well, you can play Rebuild on this thing for hours without getting tired like you would with a regular sized iPad.

The screen resolution is only 1024x768, which looks better than on an original iPad or iPad 2, but it's definitely no Retina quality. Still it feels like an improvement and a good balance, but hopefully the next iPad mini (especially considering it's high price) will have Retina. So far I haven't found any issues with processor performance on any games, so for the most part its good enough for the current gen of games.

So if you haven't picked one up and tried a game on it, head on down to your local Apple store and play around with it for a while. I think you'll find that it is a really great gaming device that has major advantages over the regular sized iPad and the iPhone when it comes to strategy games, sims and even some shooter games.

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