For The Win Review

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$0.99  - iBattle Game - i4nApps - v.1.1 - Developer Website

  • Graphics and Sound – 4/5

  • Strategy - 5/5

  • Fun - 4/5

  • Re-playability - 5/5

  • Overall - 4/5

by: Admiral J

"For The Win" is described as a "wacky puzzle/strategy game" by the developers, and that it definitely is. The game is based on a board game where you have to connect several characters, a monkey, ninja, pirate, etc. together on the board before your opponent does. It plays pretty quickly and definitely requires strategy to win, similarly to the strategies required in Chess. Overall the game is pretty good, but if feels like the board game version could be even more fun.

Each of the characters that you place down has a different ability that you can use instead of placing down new characters. Things like converting an opponent's character to a zombie, or pushing an opponent's character out of the way making it harder for them to connect their characters.

The main drawback to "For The Win" is the tutorial, it's probably the worst type of tutorial that an iOS game can have, endless text of rules and special abilities. The game is hardly complex, but the tutorial really makes a mess of how to get started. You don't get to actually do any of the steps in the tutorial so you feel like you are just trying remember a ton of rules before the game starts.

If you can get through the tutorial, and you like Chess, Checkers or that type of board game, then you'll probably love "For The Win". If you can't get through the tutorial, then just skip past it and try playing the game, after you lose a few times to the AI you'll pick up the game anyways.



  • Great Strategy

  • Fast gameplay

  • Polished graphics


  • Tutorial is painful, it should walk you through a round

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