Top 5 iOS Strategy Games for 2012

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We've played a lot of great strategy games for iPhone and iPad this year and here's our selection 5 really great titles in no particular order. For strategy fans who have some free time during the holidays or those of you who just got a new iPad Mini, iPad Retina or iPhone 5 then grab these from the App Store.

Rebuild - iPhone & iPad

This is a sort of Simulation/Strategy game that places you in charge of a group of survivors during a Zombie outbreak trying to rebuild their city. While defending the group from Zombie attacks you decide which buildings to retake, how to get food and supplies, and who to assign to different roles in the colony. Things start to get really interesting once you start to have to make moral decisions about experiments and trading people for supplies.

Plague Inc. - iPhone & iPad

Like being the bad guy? This game places you in the nebulous and evil role of a pathogen trying to kill off the world's population. It requires a lot of strategy to make sure Humanity doesn't come up with a cure or you don't just kill off people too quickly before they can spread the infection. Lots of new updates have been added and although the graphics aren't anything special the game itself will definitely suck you in for hours.

Battle Academy - iPad

If you're looking for a lot of content in a historical WW2 setting, then Battle Academy is definitely for you. The title is kind of simple and misleading, hiding a very sophisticated turn based strategy game with nice graphics, great story and tons of battles. You control individual units in battles across Europe and Africa, moving your tanks, troops and artillery into place and then striking at the enemy. The only downside of this game is the control setup will sometimes make you accidentally move the wrong unit, so be careful what you tap on. The game is really pricey for iOS ($19.99 at time of writing) and makes you pay more for additional campaigns, but if you love this type of strategy then it's worth it.

Neuroshima Hex - iPhone & iPad

I started playing the board game version of Neuroshima and the iOS version is just as great. It is a bit faster to play then the board game version, but misses the tactile nature of picking out random pieces and placing them on the board. They really need to make a 3D graphics version of this game for iOS to make it stand out a bit more, but nonetheless the strategy here is fast paced and intense. It's a bit hard to explain the way the game works, as most of the game is actually strategic placement of units, but once you get into it you'll really get hooked.

World Conqueror 2 - iPhone & iPad

This game takes Risk, or Axis & Allies to the next level as it adds lots of different unit types, cities, industry and technology to the mix. It's a bit slower to play than Risk but features a lot more in-depth strategy on land and sea.

Bonus Game - Battle Fleet - iPad

Our very own iPad strategy game is called Battle Fleet and allows you to control a fleet of WW2 warships in Pacific naval battles. The game features US and Japanese campaigns, online multiplayer and single player battles. You can customize your ships, and wage war on the high seas as you aim individual guns on each ship. This game is for iPad only.

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