Castle Raid

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Castle Rock
  • Graphics and Sound – 3/5

  • Strategy - 4/5

  • Fun - 4/5

  • Re-playability - 3/5

  • Overall - 3/5
$1.99 -  - v.1.02 - Developer Website

by Doggins

Castle versus castle, the ultimate showdown of the middle ages!  Castle Raid by Arcticmill brings some fast, in-your-face real-time strategy.  Straight off the bat, you can tell this iOS game is not the Mona Lisa of games.  It’s very simple in fact, but that won’t stop you from playing a very fun game.  The object of the game is breach the gates of your enemy’s castle before they breach yours.  You have four types of units at your disposal: peasants, footmen, archers and the always trustworthy knight.  In addition, you have two siege towers at your disposal as well.  One siege tower is meant to bombard your enemy from afar whereas the other is close range and keeps the enemies from bashing on your walls.

In order to survive, your kingdom must be able to be able to pay for its troops.  If your peasants aren’t hauling wood back to you for gold (who are they selling this wood to by the way?), you can’t fund your troops.   If you can’t fund your troops to fend off enemies you can guarantee that they’ll be knocking on your castle’s front door pretty quickly.  A feature that I really liked within the game is if you build three of the same units simultaneously, the third unit becomes a heroic unit.  Basically it just means he’s tougher, but they can really sway the battle in your favor.

Castle Raid

Early on in the game you will find there’s really not much difficulty in conquering your opponent.  Just send some units straight up the middle and take down their castle.  However, play through the game a bit and you’ll see that your games will really take some thought to win.  Don’t send three peasants out together in a group, the CPU will bombard them with mortars and hinder your gold flow.  Try to take down the CPU’s mortar tower early on in those difficult levels since the CPU never misses it seems.   The game features two play styles: Single Player and Multiplayer.  The “multiplayer” option is this game is a bit of a misnomer in this day and age.  I expected to battle it out online against other Castle Raiders.  Instead you and a friend share the device you are playing on and play against each other.  Think of like those old computer games from back in the day where you shared the same keyboard with your friend.   If Castle Raid had a true multiplayer it would really set it apart from similar games in the genre.


  • Simple and easy to pickup

  • Fun

  • Stable

  • Scales well in difficulty


  • Lacks variety in units

  • CPU doesn’t miss with mortars

  • At $1.99 I have a hard time justifying its value with its current content.  If it were $.99 I’d pay that any day of the week.

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