Total Defense 3D

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Total Defense 3D 1

  • Graphics and Sound – 3.5/5

  • Strategy - 2.5/5

  • Fun - 3/5

  • Re-playability - 2.5/5

  • Overall - 2.5/5

by Karan Shah

Most people would reckon that a tower defense game with 3D visuals would be a potent combo of fun and realism. Total Defense 3D tries hard at being that, but unfortunately doesn’t exactly succeed. It’s laggy at times, with poor camera angles and doesn’t have enjoyable gameplay at its core to make it a recommendation.

The start instantly puts you right into the midst of the action after a single page tutorial teaches you about the various onscreen icons. Your objective is to protect your base, with limited artillery and money. The gameplay, however, is quite monotonous and inflexible. Firstly, the entire terrain isn’t available to place your towers right from the start, making it a little annoying as enemy tanks reach closer to your base without receiving any fire. You can improve tower ranks upon reaching a certain level and upgrade it altogether for a faster, more effective weapon. That’s where the slight variation in gameplay arrives. The rocket launcher can, for example, be upgraded to a long range or a short range, but more effective launcher. These varied skills allow you to alter your strategy.

Total Defense 3D 2

The 3D overlay gives you a range of angles to view and accordingly place your towers. The graphics and animations also look cool and are reminiscent of old school games like Commandos, but the frame-rate was dropping frames/stuttering a bit on our iPad 2 to affect the gameplay. The music has an intense (and sometimes, ominous) metal soundtrack. If the intense soundtrack is not your thing, you can add more songs from your existing library via the iPod button upon pressing pause.

Overall, even the easy mode might be a little intimidating for casual users. It is an extremely hard game and you’ll have to make an in-app purchase early into the game to buy gates to protect your base.  It’s definitely not a poor game, and considering it’s free, you might just give it a try, but we reckon it’s not a game that might prove to be addictive.


  • Interesting graphics and soundtrack

  • Free!


  • Poor and inflexible gameplay

  • Framing on the iPad 2

  • In app purchases may be the only way to progress for most gamers

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