Tower Zoo

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  • Graphics and Sound – 3/5

  • Strategy - 5/5

  • Fun - 3.5/5

  • Re-playability - 5/5

  • Overall - 5/5

 Free ($0.99 IAP) -  - Developer Website
by Doggins

MiniWorldGames just released their second major iOS game called Tower Zoo.  An evil zoo keeper is forcing his adorable, innocent animals to play his mad game of strategy for his own personal fame and fortune.  Will the animals be able to outwit their malevolent master in this turn-based strategy game?  It’s up to you to help them across 90 unique levels with three levels of difficulty.

The primary objective of Tower Zoo is to match three or more animal towers of the same height.  When all spaces upon the board are filled, the player with the most animals placed wins.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Don’t let that fool you!  As you progress throughout the game the play boards gets larger, more complex and “power tiles” are introduced.  Not all power tiles are beneficial and some will actually subtract points from your score.  Play smart, animal lovers.  Think before you move and try to predict your opponent’s next move.

Tower Zoo is initially presented as a free-to-play game but has limitations such as limited levels to play, only a few animal avatars to choose from and advertisements will be present.  In-game you are given the option to upgrade to the full version of the game which I highly recommend to get the full benefits and playability.  As an avid board gamer, this game was right up my alley and I can tell you I will likely be playing this game obsessively for some time to come.  Although Tower Zoo does feature a hotseat (pass to play) feature, it does not support an online multiplayer mode.  As this game has not been out for long perhaps we will see this feature added later down the road.


  • Super fun, additive game

  • Numerous levels and varying degrees of difficulty

  • Appropriate for all ages

  • Extreme replay value


  • So fun you will lose track of time

  • Online multiplayer nonexistent

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