First Strike

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  • Graphics and Sound – 5/5

  • Strategy - 4/5

  • Fun - 4/5

  • Re-playability - 3/5

  • Overall - 4/5

ReviewStars-4$3.99  v.1.0.2 - Developer Website

First Strike is a tablet real-time strategy game that places you in control of the nuclear arsenal of one of 3 superpowers, USA, Western Europe or... North Korea (really??) with additional superpowers being unlocked as you play. The objective is to destroy the other superpowers before they destroy you. The game is pretty fast paced and exciting as it forces you to make very quick tactical decisions. The graphics and sound are excellent and the interface works really well to allow you to control your territories around a 3D representation of the Earth. The real-time nature can sometimes become counter-intuitive to strategy gameplay as you have to tap through territories as fast as possible to give orders. The replay value is a bit limited as well as there is only 1 map and the same 3 factions for the first few times you play.

At your command is a selection of nuclear weapons and defensive cruise missiles. As the great leader of this superpower, you control which weapons are built, where to attack, what to research and which territories you expand to. Each of your territories can perform one of these actions at a time and each action has a cool down before the territory is available for a new action. The strategy comes in deciding what to do next, build more cruise missiles to better defend your nation, research new tech, stock up on nukes, or expand. Balancing these is pretty easy in the first game you play but gets more difficult as you play more battles on higher difficulties. There are no resources or money to keep track of, the only resource is the time it takes to perform an action.


The visual presentation is simple, clean and well designed. The game is controlled by tapping on the various territories you control around a 3D globe that you can also spin around to view different regions of the world. The only downside here is that if you zoom in too much you might miss enemy nukes coming towards you, so a medium zoom level is best to stay in to make sure you see the approaching nukes before they get too close (but even then you'll probably miss a few nukes closing in until you unlock tech that warns you of impending destruction).

first strike 3

This game definitely begs for multiplayer as the replay value pretty much ends once you've played each superpower once or twice. So hopefully the devs will add in multiplayer or more maps/scenarios in the future. Still, I recommend it and can't wait to see how the game grows over time.


  • Easy to learn, great interface

  • Fast paced

  • Challenging gameplay, well balanced

  • Unique and fresh take on strategy

  • Nice graphics


  • In-game tutorial is just a bunch of text pages

  • No multiplayer

  • Not enough variety in playable superpowers

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