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  • Graphics and Sound – 4/5

  • Strategy - 5/5

  • Fun - 4.5/5

  • Re-playability - 5/5

  • Overall - 4.5/5

 $3.99  v.1.0 Developer Website
 by Doggins

Yesterday while visiting GameFaqs’ site, I noticed their daily poll was, “What's your favorite science-fiction genre for video games?”  That’s like trying to choose your favorite Bruce Campbell line from Army of Darkness. There are just so many choices! However, one sci-fi genre I think that has been lacking lately is a pure sci-fi (think space travel and aliens). I think I may have the game to fill that niche!

The game is called Out There.  It’s the latest from the French-based studio Mi-Clos.  The game was released February 27, 2014 and is priced at $3.99.  It is available for both iOS and Android platforms.  It plays out like a survival adventure meets 90’s choose-your-own-adventure novel meets Star Trek.  In fact, after playing a few rounds it seemed very reminiscent of Star Trek: Voyager, which is definitely great!  The game starts with you awakening from cryo-stasis on what was supposed to be a routine solo voyage to Jupiter.  You come to realize that you veered off course while in statis and you need make it back home to Earth.  Along the way you need to manage your fuel and oxygen all while trying keeping you ship in running order.  That means you’ll be making some pit stops along the way.

The visuals and sound are amazing in this game!  The screenshots don’t do it justice.  It has that comic book feel artwork with the font to match.  The soundtrack to Out There is actually so good that Mi-Clos Studio has it available for purchase.  The score for Out There was composed by Siddhartha Barnhoorn who worked on Antichamber and The Stanley Parable.  Each time I have played the game, I’ve encountered something new.  There actually are over 350 random events that may occur during play.  It’s up to you to decide whether you should try to salvage that abandoned ship in the middle of a mine field in hopes of resources and technology or to take the safer route and proceed on your journey home.

Out there 02

Not much can be said on the negative side of this game.  It’s highly engrossing and has extreme replay value.  Each time you start a new game, the planets, stars, anomalies, events and resources are randomly generated.  My only complaint pertains to the amount of grammatical and spelling errors within the text.  I’m sure these will be fixed with patches down the road though.


  • Highly engrossing gameplay

  • Amazing sound and visuals

  • Scientifically accurate descriptions


  • Grammatical and spelling errors

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