Battle Fleet 2 In Development

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It's been a few years since we've released Battle Fleet for iPad and Mac, and it's time to update the game with the development of Battle Fleet 2. This time along with gameplay improvements and lots of new features, we're focusing heavily on the graphics and moving into full 3D for the game. The concept and overall game mechanics will stay the same, so you'll still build a fleet and play turn-based top down naval battles, but here are a few of the changes:

  • Build your fleet from 5 different ship classes each with different hardpoint locations for mounting different weapons, different mobility, and different hit locations.

  • Use small caliber guns to pinpoint your shot and switch to devastating salvo mode, forcing all available guns in range and firing arc to fire at the same location.

  • Utilize or neutralize a variety of aircraft, including recon planes, fighters, and bombers, launched from island bases, aircraft carriers, or cruisers.

  • Assign captains to each ship with special skills and abilities, like additional command cards or better mobility.

  • Play the strategic USA Campaign mode, random skirmish mode, full cross platform multiplayer, or even hotseat multiplayer.

  • Use recon to clear Fog of War and defeat enemy ground based airfields and coastal artillery.

  • Battle Fleet 2 features full 3D models of US and Japanese WW2 era ships.

Battle Fleet 2 will be coming out this year for iOS, Android, Mac & PC. To get more information about the game and to follow our development updates subscribe to the Battle Fleet newsletter or follow us on our Steam concept page.

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