Battle of the Bulge

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  • Graphics and Sound – 3/5

  • Strategy - 5/5

  • Fun - 3.5/5

  • Re-playability - 4/5

  • Overall - 4/5

ReviewStars-4$9.99 - Developer Website - v2.0
by Doggins

If you weren’t sleeping through High School history, you have probably heard of the Battle of the Bulge. Shenandoah Studio has brought that historic battle to iOS platform in this historic turn-based simulation. At first glance, Battle of the Bulge is reminiscent of the board game Risk. Don’t let that fool you though. This game has much more complexity, historic value and strategy than your every-day game of Risk.


Just as the real battle played out, the game follows suit. On the first day of the battle, the Axis surprised the Allies by launching an assault. In game, this results as a bonus to the Axis forces and allowing them three turns before the Allies can respond. One of the best parts of the game is that you may play as either side. They seem quite balanced as well and you can tell Shenandoah Studio put a lot of working into getting that just right. In the game of Risk, you command single pieces; in Battle of the Bulge you control entire battalions of infantry, tanks and artillery. You may use nearby cities and artillery to your advantage and play a defensive battle. Or if you are feeling ambitious, you may venture out full-steam to launch an attack. In doing so you risk having your supply lines being cut off and surrounding by enemy forces. However you proceed, when the day ends you will be given a view of how the events of the day played out as well as what still needs to be accomplished.

When moving your units onto a combat grid, you are given a projection of how your units will fare in the battle.  If you choose to execute combat, the game factors in all the variables and calculations.  Unlike some boardgames you may play on your tabletop, there is no need to reference any guides or books.  All you really need to do is determine whether the move you just made will benefit you.


I have played similar war games in the past, but none has compared to the gameplay, visuals and complexity that Battle of the Bulge has to offer. This game has a very clean look, great visual narrative and historically accurate events. You might go so far as to say this could be called an educational game. Unlike other games of the genre, I felt Battle of the Bulge has a steep learning curve. It took me a few play-throughs of the tutorial to really get a grasp on the game. Due to the game being historically accurate, you may be hit with advantages or disadvantages depending on what occurred in history; such as being unable to move your tanks on a certain day.


  • In-Depth, historically accurate wargame

  • Educational

  • Challenging


  • Steep learning curve

  • High price for an iOS game

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