Battle Fleet 2, WW2 Naval Strategy for iPad, Android, Mac & PC


Battle Fleet 2, the sequel to the hit WW2 naval strategy game from Capital j Media is now available for all platforms. The game brings together tactical simulation and grand scale strategy in an awesome turn-based format that brings some much needed variety to the naval warfare genre.  Preview trailer and screenshots after the break.
Battle Fleet 2 has been completely redesigned to offer new 3D visuals, an epic large scale campaign mode, cross-platform multiplayer, and much more. Check out this preview trailer to get a sense of the improvements:

Some of the smaller gameplay improvements include a more advanced damage system, so depending on where you hit the ship the damage can affect specific systems (in the original game this was just random). It's great to knock out the rudder or cripple the ship for a turn if you take out the bridge. Another shift has been from the turn order, in BF1 you could move your entire fleet on your turn, but that led to really long turns and sometimes became unbalanced as the first player to get their ships in range could sink one of the other player's ships before it was even able to get a shot off.

Since the release last week, the game has received some great press, including an 8/10 review on Pocket Gamer and a 4.5/5 on AppAdvice. Find out more about the game at:

Battle Fleet 2 is available on iPad, Android Tablet, Mac & PC. $4.99 on Mobile, $9.99 on PC Download links below:


Mac OS X:


Windows PC:

Battle Fleet 2


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