AstroNest: The Beginning

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  • Graphics and Sound – 4.5/5

  • Strategy - 3/5

  • Fun - 3/5

  • Re-playability - 2/5

  • Overall - 3/5

Free - Developer Website - v2.1.2

by Meg Stivison

Developer's Promotional Video

AstroNest is an iOS sci-fi resource management and space combat game from ANGames. There’s a lot to discover in the AstroNext galaxy, with a massive tech tree of upgrades for your fleet of starships, many different resources to harvest on your planets, talented heroes with a variety of skills to recruit, and endless forms of in-game currencies and power-ups. Fans of resource management games have a lot to enjoy here. The length of play sessions, though, is still defined by either IAP or waiting for action points to recharge.

Science fiction in general requires good writing to keep it from becoming a meaningless technobabble story. With “trons” to build and “cosments” to collect, good writing could take AstroNest from spreadsheets in space to a vivid and exciting sci-fi adventure. Unfortunately, the combination of typos, spelling mistakes, and poor localization in the game’s text makes directives hard to understand and really destroys any world building intent a player may have in the process.

AstroNest players can send their fleets into battle in campaign mode, pursuit mode, raids, or big server wars against other players. Different modes offer different bonuses to achieve, but players are still basically grinding for materials to improve their fleet. Completed campaign battles are replayable for extra grinding. Space battles are repetitive, and so underwhelming that the developers included a fast forward option, but at least the background galaxy art here is beautiful. In fact, the stylish futuristic UI, the attractive space backgrounds, and just the art in general might be the strongest selling point of this game.

A fan made video that shows the game experience

With so many oversexed female NPCs appearing in strategy games, it’s worth mentioning that in AstroNest, I recruited loads of skilled female heroes and I didn’t see a single battle bikini. Fully clothed ladies commanding space fleets and managing planets? Yes, please!

  • Beautiful space art

  • Fully dressed female heroes

  • Lots to explore and discover


  • Poor text localization

  • Lots of grinding

  • Uneven difficulty in campaign mode

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