Battle Reports in Battle Fleet 2

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by Kim Salvarita

The stories made from epic battles in Battle Fleet 2 can now be read and enjoyed by fans of the game as well as WW2 history buffs. Mythical City Games created a Battle Report format to let players share their battles with the rest of the Battle Fleet 2 community.

This link is the first Battle Report entitled "The Wolfpack" which is about a group of Japanese submarines that intercepted 2 US carriers on their way to join the US task force.

Now it is possible to read these interesting stories of glorious victories,  cunning new tactics or devastating defeats in its full detail.

You can either write up your report as a discussion on the Steam community or as a "Note" on Facebook that is then shared with their Facebook page

Note that should you want to share images, use Facebook as the Steam discussions does not support images.

Battle Fleet 2 is a WW2 naval strategy game with cross-platform multiplayer and massive single player campaigns. The game is available on Steam for PC/Mac as well as for iPads and Android tablets. Find out more and watch the trailer.

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