Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

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  • Graphics and Sound – 4.5/5

  • Strategy - 4/5

  • Fun - 4/5

  • Re-playability - 3/5

  • Overall - 4/5


Free - Developer Website - v 0.3.0

by Meg Stivison

In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, beloved Star Wars characters make this stand out from the flood of turn-based RPGs in the App Store. Galaxy of Heroes won’t exactly replace Guild Wars for me, but it’s an engaging turn-based RPG for mobile devices, with the high production values we expect from EA games.  Players will unlock favorite Star Wars characters, then apply their characters’ special abilities in battle, and upgrade and improve their team as they fight harder enemies.

Gameplay trailer from the Developer

The game isn’t terribly innovative: if you like turn-based RPGs, you’ll like Galaxy of Heroes, but it does what it sets out to do and does it well. The battles and powers are well-balanced as well as the beautiful renditions of Star Wars characters and its settings keep it from becoming just another turn-based party battle. You can also see that care has been taken to make sure the characters’ special abilities line up with their movie characterizations and behavior. (Star Wars purists take note though: This is not meant to be a canon adventure. Instead, the premise is that this is the hologram board game Chewie played on the Millenium Falcon where they played with Star Wars figures on data cards as playable characters, so there is a chance that characters from different planets and different alliances might appear on the same team.)

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Walkthrough

There are enough random elements in this game to keep players excited, without letting the typical freemium daily bonus and mystery boxes overrun the player’s strategic choices. Like most freemium games, pretty soon players will have to decide between waiting for an action, or paying for an IAP to complete it then and there.

If you want to play some battles in the Star Wars universe, but you’re getting too old to run around the house making lightsaber sounds, check out Star Wars: Galaxy Heroes

  • Star Wars everything!

  • High production values all around, with especially good game art and sound effects 


  • Analyze this game too hard, and it becomes just another turn-based RPG

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