Titan Brawl

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  • Graphics and Sound – 3/5

  • Strategy - 1/5

  • Fun - 1/5

  • Re-playability - 3/5

  • Overall - 2/5

Free - Developer Website - Version 1.0.20

by Jasmine Greene

Developer Gameplay Trailer 

Titan Brawl by van Omnidrone is a player versus player line defense game. As a mighty titan you control an army to fight against other titans to see who is the strongest. As it is a game played in Real Time, you need to connect to the Internet in order to actually play the game. There’s no practice mode so if you want to play, you’ll need to be on WiFi or use mobile data.

Art wise, it is very much a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) from the design of the units down to the Titans. If you go into this thinking it’s a MOBA, however, you’ll be disappointed.

If you’ve played other line defense games, you’ll be very familiar with the basic gameplay. You summon units onto the screen to attack the other player’s “tower.” In this case it’s the other Titan or totem. In order to summon other units during the match you need to wait until cool downs for those units to refresh. Unlike traditional line defense games there are two lanes where you and your opponent can spawn units. The first one to destroy the opposing Titan wins. The more you win, the higher your rank. You can also upgrade your units, but more on that later.

When I first played the game in my iPad I was excited to see what a versus line defense game would play like. Unfortunately, it was a let down from the very beginning for me. Line defense games are based around knowing when your units will spawn. This affects your decisions on what units to use. In Titan Brawl you aren't even sure which of your heroes will spawn first. It's randomized. This can put you at a huge disadvantage because you could spawn your weakest units while your enemy might have the strongest. It doesn’t really make any sense why the developers would make this design choice. Especially for a game that requires strategy.

Once the match starts, the gameplay itself just falls apart. It’s pay to win. I’ve run up against incredibly strong heroes. One powered up unit solos the entire match. During more evenly matched games, it’s still frustrating. I cannot choose which unit to attack. So that means even if the other opponent’s Titan is close to death, often my units would spend time attacking a unit instead of focusing on the Titan. Other times they would try and attack enemies in the other lane that are out of range.

The worst part is my units would often do this right when they spawn. Instead of attacking heroes in front of them, they would focus their attention on enemies outside of their range. It’s frustrating and not fun.

You can upgrade your units, however Titan Brawl doesn’t allow you to choose what to upgrade on what unit. Instead it uses a blind box (also known as gatcha) system. You spend gems to unlock boxes that may or may not have the upgrade you need. Of course you can also pay real money to buy gems.
There are various boxes, but there are no explanations as to what makes each one different. I imagine the fancier looking boxes that cost more would give better upgrades, but I haven’t spent them time to grind out the gems.

Every once in a while you can buy a specific character for some ridiculous amount of gems. Oddly enough I've found the characters were mostly those I already owned. If I were so inclined to spend money on a new character I’d need to wait several hours until the store updated and then hope it wasn't one of the heroes I currently have. Or I could wait until I've totally randomly collected enough character tokens from blind boxes to unlock them myself.

You can also try out characters you don't have by watching ad videos, but in my experience it's not worth it. One time I had to watch three ads until the system allowed me to try the character.
The final nail in the coffin for Titan Brawl is its horrible swipe recognition. Trying to bring out your heroes is a frustrating, broken chore. The controls for this game are flat out broken. You can potentially play this game for hours, the good thing is there’s no energy system to play matches, but unless you’re willing to sink a lot of money into the game, it isn’t fun to replay.

This could have been a fun two player game were it not for a freemium gatcha system and horrible game design overall. Just like most other Freemium games you see the potential, but it’s so focused on the in-app purchase that the game just isn’t fun for me. But if you are interested of a MOBA game to play anytime on the go, this can be your thing as you can play as many matches as you want in a short time.

  • Nice art style

  • Play as many matches as you want


  • Pay to play

  • Blind box unit upgrade
  • Poor swipe detection

  • No targeting of enemy units

  • Poor AI

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