Anomaly Warzone Earth

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  • Graphics and Sound – 5/5

  • Strategy - 5/5

  • Fun - 5/5

  • Re-playability - 5/5

  • Overall - 5/5


$1.99 - Developer Website - v1.3.2.

by Jasmine Greene

Gameplay Trailer

Lead an armored squad through the perils of this reversed tower defense action-strategy game!

Years ago Anomaly Warzone Earth burst onto the scene doing everything right. It was a premium game on a marketplace that was just starting to go free-to-play. How does it hold up today?


Anomaly Warzone Earth is a reverse tower defense game where you try to navigate your troops through various locations. All the while you have to keep them alive as enemy towers attempt to thwart you. If you loved the Kingdom Rush series, this will blow your mind. This game lets you control the path and the abilities of a squad of mercenaries trying to break through alien defenses. It's awesome, bleak, and overall just epic. It's unlike anything I've played before or since. Not only do you get to choose your paths, you also get to choose the vehicles you bring with you and upgrade. It's just a replay fan’s dream! The only thing missing is a cohesive story, but the gameplay is so good you won’t really mind. This is no gimmick.

This was one of the must have games for your iTunes library if you were a gamer who wanted a quality strategic experience years ago. Today it's still a must have game for the same reasons. A tough, but fair campaign is just as enjoyable now as it was before. And there are varying difficulty levels to test your skills. Beating them really gives you that sense of accomplishment.

Its sharp and clear graphics stand the test of time. A smart, snappy UI makes the action easy to see and interact with. Anomaly Warzone Earth is a classic. Now ported to Steam, the developers at 11bit Studios didn't forget what got them famous. Anomaly still works wonderfully on modern devices.

With fast and fun gameplay this is still a must have game I have no problem recommending to strategy enthusiasts whether they game on mobile or PC.

Anomaly Warzone Earth has tons of replay thanks to its many additional modes and variable difficulty settings. It's also just darned fun to play and replay. Expect this to be something that you beat over and over again just for fun.

  • Excellent graphics

  • Tons of replay

  • Well-balanced gameplay

  • Multiple difficulty options


  • Lack of story

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