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7 Cities TD is a path based tower defense game with a unique experience and upgrade system. It is currently available on iTunes for $4.99.


Like many tower defense games, the goal of 7 Cities TD is to defend your city from waves of attackers. There are 7 maps, each one with a city to defend at the end of a windy river.

Tips and Tactics

These tips are applicable to v1.1 of the game.

  • Group towers, as each kill distributes experience for that tower and surrounding towers.

  • Don't neglect Tornado Towers, by slowing down the enemies you other towers will inflict more damage.

  • Place Tornado Towers before your tower groups, you want enemies to go as slow as possible through your kill zones.

  • Each tower has a "Kill" count that you can see when you touch the tower. The towers with the highest kill counts are the ones to upgrade with your blue gems. These are the deadliest towers and hence the most effective.

  • Ice Devil is a very important skill for your Tornado Towers as it freezes enemies and gives you a extra precious seconds to kill them.

  • Trebuchet is a great skill for Canon Towers, it inflicts continuous damage as the enemies burn. As the towers become more experienced, the fires do more damage.

  • Ballista (for Arrow Towers) is only useful when placed in specific locations. The arrow from a Ballista will inflict damage on several units in a straight line. So place these towers at a position where their shots will go straight down the river.

  • Lightning Towers are very useful, especially when upgraded to Chain Lightning, as this hits multiple enemies at once.

  • Place Obelisks with either the Damage or Speed aura in the middle of your tower groups. These towers increase the effectiveness of your other towers in the group. Their effect is not cumulative, so you can't have 5 Damage aura towers next to a Canon Tower, only one Damage Aura tower will have an effect. But you can have both a Damage and a Speed Aura tower influencing the same tower.

  • Obelisks will spread their effect among all the towers in their range. A different tactic is to concentrate their bonus on only 1 or 2 towers, thereby making these towers extremely powerful. This will often get you to a very high level, but is not enough to win the game on Hard level.

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