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Crossroads Map Walkthrough - Classic - Hard

Thanks to several users from the Fieldrunners Forum, mainly 'Straycat' and 'Pillyliu', we now have a solution to beat the Crossroads map on Hard Difficulty (Classic mode). This strategy doesn't use the controversial 'tower selling' or 'endless maze' tactic, which some comrades believe is a type of cheat or exploit in the game.

Of course you don't have to follow this guide exactly if you still want a challenge. Here at the Strategy Games HQ, we found it was more fun to use it as a rough guide instead of following it step by step.

In the Crossroads map, the most important location is the center as fieldrunners (especially helicopters) from both gates pass this point, so this strategy focuses the most firepower in the center of the map.

(Images courtesy of straycat)

 STEP 1:
Build 3 Gatling Towers and upgrade them to level 3 (max).
 Step 2:
Build 3 Lightning Towers in the order illustrated. Make sure they are completed by Round 20.
 Step 3:
At the end of Round 20, build a Goo Tower as illustrated.
 Step 4:
At the end of Round 22 build the illustrated towers (remember that you can pause the game and build towers while paused), it's a good idea to have these completed before the start of Round 23.
 Step 5:
Continue building the rest of the maze. 
 Step 6:
Add a few more Gatling Towers to slow down the horizontal fieldrunners. Also add another Goo and Gatling tower at the end of the maze.
 Step 7:
Upgrade all Goo and Lightning towers to Level 3. 
 Step 8:
Add 5 more Lightning Towers and upgrade them to Level 3. Place the center (in the center of the map) Lightning Tower last. 
 Step 9:
Place 1 Lighting Tower in exactly this position before or at the beginning of Round 70.
Step 10:
Starting in Round 70, build another 3 Lighting Towers (position 2, 3, and 4) and then a Goo Tower (position 5). Upgrade each one to Level 3 as you build them (except for the Lightning Tower at position 4, you can leave that one at level 1 for now) and complete them all before Round 79. 
 Step 11:
Build 2 Lightning Towers at the top and upgrade them to Level 3. Then start building another Lightning Tower at the middle left. 
 Step 12:
Finish upgrading the Lightning Tower from step 11. Build Lightning and Goo Towers as illustrated above that step 11 tower. Upgrade those to Level 3 before round 95.
 VICTORY for the peoples!You should be able to complete this map on Hard in Classic mode with no lives lost using this walkthrough.

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