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Crystal Caves Map Walkthrough - Classic - Hard

Guide Created by Glenn Santos.

This guide is for the new free downloadable map from Fieldrunners, Crystal Caves. This works for the Classic mode on Hard and is also applicable to easier difficulty levels, as well as on Extended mode. This guide ensures a perfect score (as of version 1.5.3) with no hearts lost and no towers sold.

The basis of this strategy is maximizing the Shotgun towers. These new towers spray the runners with shotgun ammo, hitting multiple targets at once. This is great for catching those fast critters that often travel in packs.

Setup the Shotguns so that both the railway runners and the regular fieldrunners need to get pass by them. Get as many runners within its range by creating mazes and upgrading Goo towers to the max so you slow down the trains and carts. Special thanks to the Fieldrunners Community for help with this solution.

 STEP 1:
In Round 1, build a fully upgraded Gatling as shown.
 STEP 2:
On Round 4, put up two other Gatlings upgraded by one level as shown.
 STEP 3:
At the start of Round 9, create a wall of Gatlings as shown with a Shotgun tower at the top.
 STEP 4:
At the start of Round 11, close off the hole with a Goo tower and add another Goo tower next to your Shotgun.
 STEP 5:
Continue building Shotguns from right to left as you get enough cash and after the 4th one, build a Goo tower at the end.
 Be very careful here, you need to build these shotguns as soon as you possibly can, otherwise a few guys might get through.
 STEP 6:
After you have 8 Shotguns (and a Goo tower at the end), upgrade all the Goo towers beside the Shotguns. Don't upgrade the one at the corner just yet.
 STEP 7:
Start building your maze. This is how it looks half-finished…
 STEP 8:
And this is how it looks completed. Well, almost completed. You'll see the final version in a bit. For now, this should hold off the biggest threat at the moment: the Tanks. 

 STEP 9:
Start building Shotguns again: right to left as you get the cash for it, same as before. Then, upgrade the remaining Goo towers from left to right (or from 1 to 3 as shown). Also add that Gatling to the left to complete the maze.

 STEP 10:
After that's finished, start building Shotguns at the right side as shown. Build from top to bottom. (Pardon the bright flash from the Shotguns)
 STEP 11:
Upgrade your Shotguns clockwise, starting from the one at the top left corner. Here's how the first upgrade round looks like.
 STEP 12:
Here's what it looks like when fully upgraded.

You don't have to do anything else from this point on, but if you want to add more towers, be my guest.

Note that you will see a few runaway carts on the rails. Don't worry; none of those will escape you, especially that crazy Mech + Railcart combo on Round 70.

And after Round 100, revel in the sweet, sweet taste of…

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