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Fieldrunners is a real-time tower defense game with open field style maps. It is currently on iTunes for $4.99. To find out more, take a look at the Fieldrunners Review.


The goal of Fieldrunners is to stop the attackers, ie: fieldrunners, from crossing the field and entering the gates at the opposite end for 100 rounds. If 20 fieldrunners enter your gates, you lose.

Tips and Tactics

These tips apply to version 1.1.1 of the game.

  • Create a maze type path using towers as your walls to give the fieldrunners a long walk to your gates.

  • Gatling Towers are the cheapest and weakest, not powerful enough to do much damage past the first 20 rounds. Use them mainly as walls of your maze.

  • Build Missile Towers early, and try to place along the line between gates. They are invaluable to stopping the airborne fieldfunners (if player on Medium or Hard, Lightning Towers will be more useful.)

  • Place a tower or two at each of your gates early on to finish off any fieldrunners that make it past your main towers.

  • Lightning Towers are very costly but very powerful, and become absolutely necessary as the fieldrunners get tougher, or to defeat the power units like Blips and Tanks. Some of the more advanced strategies use Lightning Towers instead of Missile Towers.

  • Make sure you have Goo Towers set up every few spaces along your maze to keep fieldrunners constantly goo'd throughout their journey.

  • The higher level the Goo Tower, the slower the goo'd fieldrunner will move.


These are specific walkthrough guides for completing various maps of Fieldrunners. It is suggested that you only refer to these if you're getting stuck/frustrated :)

- Crystal Caves Map Walkthrough

- Crossroads Map Walkthrough

- Grasslands Map Walkthrough

- Grasslands Map Walkthrough - Extended Mode

- Drylands Map Walkthrough

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