Galcon Admiral Tips

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Admiral's Tips

Dear Admiral, having conquered many star systems and risen through the ranks, you are now faced with an increasingly more challenging enemy. We have created this guide to aide you in the dark days that approach our great nation. To VICTORY!

  • In general, the best way to beat an Admiral or higher level opponent is to attack them right away.

  • Set your force strength to 75% and send it directly for their home world.

  • If there are any weak large planets near your home planet, take them over with your remaining forces.

  • Take over their home world ASAP, part of your fleet will usually be enough, so divert the rest to any enemy planets near your fleet.

  • Ignore all other planets, concentrate on your enemy's planets.

  • The AI will typically send a large force towards your home planet, make sure you have someone to defend it.

  • Your attack on their home planets will distract much of their force so you won't need that many ships on your home to defend it.

  • If you loose your home planet try to get it back quickly, but don't take away from your offensive. The key is to attack, not spend too much time and effort on defending your planets.

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