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Galcon is a fast paced sci-fi strategy game with excellent multiplayer support. Games can range from quick 1 minute bursts to a more drawn out 5-10 minute campaign. There is a free version available on iTunes and the full version is $4.99 on iTunes.


The objective in Galcon is to conquer all of the enemy's planets. This is done by moving ships from your planets to the planets you want to take over. There is also a time limit mode (Vacuum) where there are no enemies, but you have to conquer all of the planets on the map within a set time.

Tips and Tactics

These tips are mainly for 1 player (vs AI) games:

  • A strong offense is the best defense. This game is all about the offensive and especially in the single player games it pays to act fast.

  • The larger the planet, the faster it will build ships.

  • Take over only large planets near you, don't waste your forces on small heavily defended planets.

  • Attack you enemies quickly, don't let them build up their empire.

  • You can change the target of your fleet in mid flight, this is very important when crossing great distances.

  • Sometimes part of your fleet will already conquer a planet and you can quickly divert the rest to another nearby planet.

  • You can move ships between your planets. Watch the enemy fleets if they are headed directly for one of your planets, and reinforce that planet.

  • Double tapping on one of your planets selects ALL of your planets, making for a formidable fleet.

  • Shorter flight times are better. To decrease your flight times, you can move your ships from the back planets to your front lines.

  • VACUUM MODE: Make a plan before you start the game, look for large and weak planets near your home to conquer first. Keep your forces small, 50% or smaller. Send them out to several planets at once. Skip any heavily defended planets at the beginning, you'll have lots of ships once you take over more planets.

  • BEAST: This one is tough... There are several tactics that would work here, but a good one is to set your force to 100% and start out with one part of the map. This means moving all the forces from one of your home planets towards your other home planet. At the same time, use 100% of the force from your other planet to 'jump' from one red planet to another. Don't worry about defending planets, just attack. This way you will slowly gain more and more planets even if you keep losing a few. The AI here concentrates its forces and it is too difficult to defend against the AI's numerical superiority at the beginning, just concentrate on getting more planets. Don't even worry about taking over large or small, just work your way across the map, taking every planet in your path.

These tips are mainly for multiplayer games:

  • Human players are MUCH more difficult to beat, try to master the Admiral difficulty levels first. Then start with 1vs1 multiplayer games before 3+ player games.

  • If you are in a weak area of space, and don't have any weak big planets nearby, set your force to 100% and head straight for another player. If they're not that experienced, you might have a chance.

  • If you are in an isolated area, just take over whatever planets are close by and wait to build up your forces.

  • In games of 3-4 players, try not to attack first, wait for the other players to fight each other and attack when they are spread thin.

  • If you control more planets than the other players, it will become obvious to them that you are stronger. If that happens, try not to attack anyone. If they don't team up against you, you'll have an easy victory. If they do team up against you, try to take out one of them first instead of splitting up your forces on two fronts.

  • A great finishing strategy (thanks to Anson) is to change your force size to 25%, double tap on your planets (thereby selecting all of them), and quickly attack several of the enemy's planets. This will fill the screen with your ships and your puny enemies will have a hard time figuring out which planet to defend.

Admiral Strategies

If you've beaten the single player modes and are stuck at Admiral, or Grand Admiral difficulty levels, take a look at our special Galcon Admiral's Guide.

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