iShoot Guide

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iShoot is a Tank Wars/Worms style with loads of weapons and a fun hotseat multiplayer mode.


The objective in iShoot is to win the most rounds by being the last tank standing in each round and destroying as many enemy takes as possible.

Tips and Tactics

These tips apply to version 1.1.2 of the full game.

  • Meltdown is often underestimated, it does more damage the slower it goes and is often enough to kill a tank.

  • Use Fuel to drive right up to an enemy tank and then fire a U238 Penetrator at max power for an instant no-risk kill.

  • The Shiva Bomb is really just a joke weapon.  It's priced so high that you can't use it as part of a normal combat strategy, and it generally kills you as well.  It sure is fun to fire, though!

  • It's a good idea to keep an Excavator or two on hand in case you get buried (it destroys land without damaging tanks).

  • Remember that you can always sell any weapons that you're not using.

  • Keep in mind that the number of kills counts towards victory if there is a tie for rounds.

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