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Lux Touch is a global domination style game similar to the popular board game "Risk". Currently there are 2 versions available at the iTunes store: Lux Touch (free) and the full Lux DLX ($7.99).


The goal in both versions of Lux is total world domination. You must defeat all of your opponents and control all the territories to win the game.

Tips and Tactics

General tips and tactics for all Lux versions.

  • Try to get the smaller and easily defendable continents first (ie: Australia, South America)

  • Attack with at least 3 armies if possible, this increases your chances of a victory as Lux is based on the dice rolling battle system of the board game (if you attack with 3 or more armies, you get to roll 3 dice)

  • Have a goal and stick to it. It's easy to spread yourself too thin by fighting on too many fronts. Pick an area you want to conquer and go after it. Ignore everyone else as much as you can.

  • Defend your borders, try to match or beat the number of armies in your border territories to the number of armies in the neighboring territories.

  • Try to conquer at least 1 country per turn, even if you don't need it. Conquering countries is how you get reinforcement cards. If you don't conquer at least 1 country, you will have to wait longer than other players to get a set of cards.

  • Keep an eye on how many cards players have, if a player has 3 or more cards and you have the opportunity to wipe them out, it might be worth the risk.

  • If you can eliminate a player from the game, it's usually worth it to go the extra mile to do so because you get all of their cards. Sometimes it is worth sacrificing a lot of armies and even border defense to go after a very weak player. If you can eliminate them during your turn, you may get a full set of cards that you can turn in right away and use those armies to defend your borders. This tactic is more beneficial if you are playing with increasing card set values, as a set can be worth a large number of armies. If playing with the consistent card set values (ie: 5 armies per set of cards traded in every time), then this risk might not be worth the reward.


These are specific walkthrough guides for completing various maps of Fieldrunners. It is suggested that you only refer to these if you're getting stuck/frustrated :)

- Classic Map or Lux Touch (Free Version)

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