Plants vs Zombies Strategy Guide

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Plants Vs Zombies is a Tower Defense strategy game, using a grid and lane set-up, Zombies walk down one lane and stay in the lane...unless you use the diversion plant of course.


The Goal is to destroy all the zombies before they reach your house and "eat your brains", and keep enough Sunflowers alive, to earn 'sunshine' so you can grow them fightin plants. Zombies stagger at you throughout the level, but are concentrated into 'waves', there may be one or two per level this is when everything gets that much more intense.

Tips and Tactics


Because you require 'sunshine' from sunflowers (and also a special Mushroom) in order to buy/grow any other type of plant your first goal should be to have as many sunflowers as possible. On the early levels you need a minimum of three, but by the end of level 3 you really need to be looking at six to eight.

Keep your sunflowers as close to the house as possible, zombies should have to traverse the entire lane before getting close to a sunflower. This will give you as much time as possible to get more sunshine so you can stop the zombie.

Plants vs Zombies uses a lane and grid system, and the Zombies stick to their lanes you can distract them while you acquire more sunshine to start fighting back. Using the Walnuts at the very top of the lanes will keep the zombies munching away long enough for you to stock up on sunshine and get a peashooter to start firing.

Using the Walnuts to stall zombies at the top of the lanes also gives the offensive plants time to weaken and eventually destroy the zombies before they start lurching perilously close to your sunflowers and other plants.

Start by addressing each zombie as it comes, and take the time in-between to start a more serious lines of defense. Eventually a wave will come, so use the in-between times to build up and just address the zombies as they crop up.

Some plants can only be used once, keep one or two of these 'one-timers' in your arsenal for those desperate moments when a zombie wave has munched through your peashooters and other plants. The Jalapeno will destroy all the zombies in one lane, the Cherry Bomb will destroy all those in a 3x3 area, the Potato Mine takes some time to activate but it is cheap and is a great last line defense in front of your sunflowers, the Ice-Shroom freezes everything on the board - great during waves to give your peashooters a chance to thin the hordes.


At night, the early levels don't feature too many graves, but they will eventually get so numerous you have to invest in the Grave Buster to free up some space.
On the night levels the basic Puff-shroom and Sea-shroom are free - always have them on hand, with so little sunshine you really need all the help you can get.


On the Pool levels, the zombies don't take the water straight away so you can focus on the grass lanes before tackling the pool...but you really are going to have to build there eventually. Zombies have to chew through lilypads, even if there is nothing on them, meaning its a fast and cheap way to stall them while you install some bigger weapons.


During the fog, 'Planterns' do last longer than the Blover's - but zombies can munch through them. Best to use the more expensive Blover, get your pattern well established before the waves come, then its not a major catastrophe if the fog returns. You can complete fog levels without a Plantern or a Blover, it just requires a little faith in the grid selection and some good can hear the zombies even if you can't see them.


When you make it to the roof levels, still have some peashooters in your arsenal. While on the 'slope' of the roof they are ineffective against the approaching ghouls, where the roof flattens out they return to full effectiveness. Place pots on this flatter section and fill with peashooters.

The massive giant zombie can only be really stopped with the snow-pea and the 'ice-shroom' to weaken them.


These are rather self-explanatory. Wall-Nut bowling, is just that, bowl those walnuts from behind the red line and take out them zombies.

The strategy for the rest are the same as all other levels, except you don’t have to worry about sunshine...but you do have to get what you're given. Plants will stop at the top of the conveyer, so you can store them for later, but if you fill up the entire more options.

Plants vs Zombies Adventures Mode Walkthrough

Adventure Mode

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