Zombie Attack Guide

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Zombie Attack! is an open field style tower defense game with a few cool original twists like a controllable 'Survivor' character. The game is available on iTunes for $1.99.


The objective is to defend you shack from the Zombie onslaught. The shack can only take a limited amount of damage, but also repairs itself over time.

Tips and Tactics

These tips are for version 1.2.1 of the game.

  • Fire towers are fairly weak, so it's a good idea to upgrade those to max ASAP.

  • Gun towers are the least useful, although good a decapitating the zombies, they are pretty weak compared to the Cannon towers.

  • Good spots for Axe towers are near the shack, along the left and bottom edges or right by the entrance.

  • The best spot to defend the shack is the bottom left corner of the shack, with a cannon tower here you can protect most of the shack.

  • Remember that the survivor can operate the towers, when standing on them (yellow circle and enlarged tower) their damage is increased by 50%. If any zombies get too close to the shack, man the closest turret to take them out faster.

  • Don't use up all of your shack explosives early on (used to kill zombies next to the shack by touching it.) Save them for emergencies when the shack is heavily damaged and under attack.

  • Sometimes you may be able to distract the zombies by walking up to them. Remember that you have unlimited survivors, but only 1 shack :)

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